The meeting places of yesterday and today

Meeting, sharing experiences with each other is part of the nature of the human being as a social being. The methods and ways of approaching the opposite sex have changed with social changes, but if we compare the realities, the needs with different facets have common denominators.

More varied and free to express themselves today are relationships with the sexes, hetero, gay, lesbian, Escorte Suceava transsexual with greater social acceptance.

The search for an emotional, loving or sexual relationship has always pushed man to look for tools that could shorten distances to get to know each other and then meet. Once upon a time, advertisements at the end of newspapers, marriage agencies and why not the country’s matchmaker were all the rage. Often it was decided and it was desired that the matter be protected by confidentiality, anonymity for fear of seeming incapable of doing it alone.

Once the other was known, if a mutual interest was triggered depending on the distance between the two, a tool for keeping the relationship alive and getting to know each other was correspondence through letters. The beautiful yellowed letters who knows how many of you rummaging through the boxes or drawers of your loved ones have not found any or have given them a sneak peek.

We want to remember marriages by proxy, where there was an exchange of photos by letter and the physical encounter took place after the wedding, often because one of the two had immigrated to Australia, Venezuela to seek his fortune and the chosen one was someone from the country of origin or Neighbor. Today, among young people as well as adults, the squares where to meet new people are mainly scattered in the virtual world , the internet with specific sites. Based on his needs, the user searches for the square that best belongs to him.

Love, friendship, sex encounters. Through user profiles and chats, people communicate from one end of the world to the other, exchanging thoughts, wishes, photographs, video calls and telephone numbers.

Not all contacts as we know will enter our real life, many will remain just friends or even virtual lovers, yes that too! Virtual sexexists and even sociology books talk about it as a widespread phenomenon. Through a webcam and the use of exciting words mutual pleasure is achieved. The strong doubt remains on how an encounter between two screens can strongly lose the enthusiasm of a real encounter.

Besides sight and perhaps feeling, the other senses remain set aside, I’m talking about the scent of the other, each of us has a smell, the chemistry of attraction is made up of this, touch, hearing and perceiving the other, the his body with its beauty or with some imperfection. The taste, a kiss given with passion leaves its aroma. Eroticism, passion presupposes that there is a desire to be pleasant and pleasing to the other in order to sexually attract the other. A spicy encounterreal is very engaging and intriguing both in realizing it and in preparing for it.

Being attractive, desirable is a prerogative of any encounter.. waiting, imagination, expectations make everything hotter.

What to wear? Which lingerie to choose.. I would always recommend something that reflects your taste and your personality. The advertising inputs are innumerable, fashion has its weight but I believe that what you present to the other should never be a copyright fake. Being yourself with your own tastes will make you more real… it is you and you must be proud of who you are, without masks, it is perceived when you are artifacts.

Proposing sexy lingerie is always an excellent presentation letter, as well as a magnificent visual stimulus especially for fiery men, choose the color, the material, the accessories well, there are some for all tastes and trends and types (skimpy underwear, babydolls, stockings and garters, various corsets). Express your tastes with your choices and be decisive on this. On the internet you can get an idea by seeing the numerous proposals for sexy underwear.

The meeting place, this depends on the situation, your home? Her/him’s? A hotel? Usually traditional places, but are you looking for classic places or a space of transgression? If the answer is transgression, I offer you some suggestions.. there are so-called neutral places , spaces made available where it is possible to meet in an ad hoc environment to escape from normality, cared for, created to create a soft atmosphere and stimulate creativity and especially your most hidden and naughty erotic fantasies.

We all have fantasies and giving them a voice means bringing out that part of us that wants to manifest itself, fantasies even if considered “dirty” give energy to the relationship, strong stimuli arrive to the brain which will produce a release of endorphins that will satisfy you. Give free rein without taboos to what you want from the meeting and how to manage it, I repeat the choice of place is important because often environments and created on purpose are decisive for the success.

What am I talking about? Have you ever heard of dark rooms , don’t be afraid they are not the boogeymen’s rooms! Darkrooms are rooms where lovers meet in the dark, as you decide the game. Do you want to take the step forward of the penumbra? With the use of scented candles or Himalayan salt lamps, the lights in question manage to create a soft atmosphere and whet the imagination. Excellent if you would find mirrors where you can mirror yourself, see and look in an air-conditioned environment at the right point, cool in summer and warm in winter.

The choice of music or cinema vision you ask, but if I wanted to go to the cinema I would not have come to a meeting! … instead think if during your fiery meeting you are offered a themed film , where you can inspire. An approach with someone you don’t know for the first time can often be embarrassing and to break this initial mood, finding a film that puts us at ease is not to be excluded.

Broken the ice what do you think of room slings, after the success of the film One Hundred Shades of Gray it is clear that one of the most shared fantasies are the rooms of pleasure . Rooms with tools aimed at creating a stronger situation, the more exciting you will be to choose the proposed tools. Think if you will be the protagonists of this film…this time.. maybe you can!

Fear of approaching this world, in the wellness centers you will find experienced staff who will be able to lead you easily to this fantastic reality, you can be accompanied by qualified masseuses who can relax you with couple treatments. Sharing is important as it creates complicity albeit in mutual freedom. The relationship must never become an obligation or a constraint, it is a mutual gift while waiting for its freedom to choose you.

This is what the great sociologist Francesco Alberoni said in his book “The art of loving the great erotic love that lasts”. Choosing together freely even in the erotic sphere respecting everyone’s desires and instincts will only strengthen the bond. The theme of the dating world today is vast and fascinating, meetings are offered in clubs, private clubs, trips for singles, parties and private dinners where it is possible to get to know and meet new people.

Not all people are the same, there are people who are single, married, fearful of creating a relationship or knowledge on their own, shyness, low self-esteem, countless disappointments, everyone’s motivations. These opportunities described are an easier way to socialize, to get out of the monotony of every day and perhaps the bad feeling of feeling alone. Relating to each other will be an opportunity to take care of ourselves, our physical appearance and our inner world. Regain confidence in one’s body, self-esteem, regardless of our often monotonous daily life. Restoring intimacy is something more profound than having sex on its own. Intimacy includes the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects.

The construction of intimacy takes place with the perception of being accepted and appreciated by those around us, even if intimacy and sex are correlated, feeling in the right place with the right person, respecting the nature and boundaries of the other. The construction of intimacy presupposes having come to terms with one’s own experiences, one’s weaknesses, being both physically and emotionally ready to open up to those close to us. Being ready to live experiences and fantasies means feeling ready to open up new spaces and opportunities, no longer fearing the unknown but being in an attitude of curiosity.

The choice of sites is important because they are aimed at the type of user and what you want to pay attention to to avoid confusion, read the reviews, the blogs, so you can see the difference, often lesser known sites can offer things, real opportunities not far from you. Today there are few who seek the mercenary relationship we need something else: respect, care, pampering, abandoning ourselves to sweetness. So many negative stimuli are already harassing us, the bad news of the world, violence, indifference. Everyone wants to find in a meeting the simplicity of a space in which to be understood, not judged and loved.

There are so many possibilities how to do this easier than you think, just open up to new ways of seeing reality even if I believe that there is always a common thread between past and present, the need has always been felt to get out of the habit, always the transgressive, the forbidden was coveted. Admitting it is often complicated, but saying it to yourself is important, not to society. Let that part of us live freely that cries out for wanting to get out. When we suffocate ourselves, the winners are depression, anxiety, sexual and nutritional dysfunctions, panic, hypochondria.

We resort to antidepressants, to cigarettes when it is enough to be honest with ourselves, to talk to ourselves with our own inner God as Eastern philosophy affirms and to find the answers and choose what can give us well-being.