How Turkey Escorts Can Turn Up the Heat in Your Hotel Room

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Turkey’s skin trade has a rich history spanning centuries. Yet as Turkey’s Islamist-dominated government strives for a modern, pious image, they have quietly begun sweeping away this sex-work legacy and its sometimes hidden underbelly.

Prostitution in Turkey is strictly regulated, with brothels (genelevler) receiving permits from the government and sex workers being issued official identity cards and subject to regular health screening. But as the AKP has gained power over time, licensing applications have fallen dramatically; consequently more brothels have either closed down permanently or refused reopen.

Olga, an economics student from Moscow working as a sex worker in Istanbul escort, is no exception; she works eight hours daily at a small brothel near an army barracks earning 150 million Turkish lira ($120), which represents approximately one-fifth of her minimum wage earnings each month.

But prostitution is not a safe profession and women who engage in this trade can often be exposed to abuse and human trafficking. Forced to sleep with multiple clients with diverse sexual preferences can result in abuse and human trafficking for financial gain; others have even been subjected to violence such as being hit, kicked, burned with cigarettes or strangled with their own hair.

Some sex workers have made their way beyond illegal brothels into hotels and nightclubs in large cities like Istanbul. Employed by wealthy businesspeople, politicians, diplomats or nightclub owners looking to add an unforgettable sensual experience for guests or to make an impression, these professionals may be hired either to impress guests or enhance the sensuality of an experience.

So popular are high-class whores that customers frequently hire a private investigator to monitor them – something which is especially prevalent in Istanbul where brothels are filled with sexual workers seeking employment.

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